Proudly sourced & Roasted by Carrow Coffee
Coffee Menu

Coffee Menu

  • Choose Your Carrow Bean:
    Colombian, Brazilian, Ethiopian
  • Americano
    2 espresso shots, added water
  • Cappuccino
    2 espresso shots, ⅓ milk, ⅓ foam
  • Caramel Macchiato
    1 espresso shot, foamed milk, caramel syrup
  • Espresso
    Single or double
  • Mocha
    1 shot of espresso, milk, milk foam, chocolate syrup, chocolate powder
  • Flat White
    2 espresso shots, ½ warm ,milk

Our Coffee is proudly sourced & roasted by Carrow Coffee of Beltra, Sligo. We work closely with Andrew of Carrow Coffee to provide the smoothest blend that suits each drink. Please note the coffee bean choices are subject to availability. Please ask for our recommendation for the coffee of choice.